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House Shaped Fridge Magnets


Quality printed fridge magnets are now more affordable than ever!

Our House Shaped Fridge Magnets are now available in 2 sizes; 90x55mm. and 210x99mm. printed in full colour on 0.4 commercial-grade magnets finished in either Gloss or Matt laminate. Place your order today and enjoy free countrywide delivery!

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House Shaped Fridge Magnets now with free countrywide delivery!

Quality printed Fridge magnets now with free countrywide delivery!

Our fridge magnets are printed in full colour with either a gloss or Matt laminate!

What you’ll get;

  • House-shaped fridge magnets.
  • Various Sizes Available 90x55mm. | 210x99mm.
  • Full-colour printing.
  • Commercial grade magenet 0.4mm.
  • Gloss or Matt laminate.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Free countrywide delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our turnaround on Fridge Manets ranges between 4-6 business days.

No! The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden fees or charges here at Just Click Print!

Our minimum order quantity is 250 units. We do offer discounts for quantities greater than what’s available online.

You sure can! Additional charges do apply so, please Contact Us today to discuss your Custom Magnet Printing needs!

Artwork Guidelines

We understand that getting your artwork ready for commercial printing may seem daunting, but it’s not. However, the task requires some knowledge of the printing vocabulary and a fair understanding of the software you’ll be using to create your new business cards.

See Generic Fact and our Template Download sections to help you to supply press-ready artwork.

We are here to help!

If you need help with your existing artwork or want to speak to a Graphic Designer, Contact Us today and let’s create something magical!

Download your template

Tempate | Magnets | 90x55mm.

Tempate | Magnets | 50x70mm.

Tempate | Magnets | DL 210x99mm.

Tempate | Magnets | 40x40mm.

Tempate | Magnets | 50x50mm.

Tempate | Magnets | 75x75mm.

Tempate | Magnets | 90x90mm.

Tempate | Magnets | House 210x95mm.

Tempate | Magnets | House 90x55mm.

Tempate | Magnets | Round 90mm.

Tempate | Magnets | Round 70mm.

Generic Facts

  • Convert all text to outlines or curves.
  • We require a 2mm. Bleed
  • Ensure all text are within the safe Zone (See template)
  • CMYK Colour Model.
  • Our recommended rich black breakdown is
    C40% | M40% | Y40% | B100%
  • Images saved at 300dpi.
  • File saved as press-ready PDF.

Magnet 90x55mm.

  • Artwork size: 90mm x 55mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 94mm x 59mm (WxH)

Magnet 50x70mm.

  • Artwork size: 50mm x 70mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 54mm x 74mm (WxH)

Magnet DL 210x99mm.

  • Artwork size: 210mm x 99mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 214mm x 103mm (WxH)

Magnet 40x40mm.

  • Artwork size: 40mm x 40mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 44mm x 44mm (WxH)

Magnet 50x50mm.

  • Artwork size: 50mm x 50mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 54mm x 54mm (WxH)

Magnet 75x75mm.

  • Artwork size: 75mm x 75mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 79mm x 79mm (WxH)

Magnet 90x90mm.

  • Artwork size: 90mm x 90mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 94mm x 94mm (WxH)

Magnet 210x95mm. House

  • Artwork size: 210mm x 95mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 214mm x 99mm (WxH)

Magnet 90x55mm. House

  • Artwork size: 90mm x 55mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 94mm x 59mm (WxH)

Magnet 90mm. Round

  • Artwork size: 90mm Diameter
  • Total size with bleed: 94mm Diameter

Magnet 70mm. Round

  • Artwork size: 70mm x 70mm (WxH)
  • Total size with bleed: 74mm Diameter

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